Friday, August 05, 2005

Not blind, just nearsighted

I've recently been reading up on the trades magazine of the Swedish Traffic sector, Trafikforum. It's mostly boring stuff, but when swedish traffic politicians wish to impress their less knowledgable colleauges they qoute something from this magazine. The editor not only hates the Green Party, but he's also an old pro-EU campaigner.

One thing that strikes me is that although there's enough criticism and worry over different EU rules in almost every issue, to conclude that EU is a problem for the traffic secctor, there is never ever any criticism of the EU as such.

According to Trafikforum, EU-directives can be wrong. They can even be very harmful for small business. But there cannot be anything wrong about the EU. In one instance the magazine even qoutes an expert who sarcastically regrets that the companies didn't complain about the Procurement Directive when there still was something that could be done about it...

It's never the fault of the system. And if the companies don't understand the consequences of some new EU-legislation while it's still in preparation, it's the companies own fault.