Sunday, October 16, 2005

The only poll that matters...

Three different polls were presented this weekend, and they're definitely worth a mention.

According to SIFO the June-list will get slightly more than 4% and hold the balance of power in the Riksdag. If you prefer to trust the Ruab institute the June-list will even get 4,8%.
But according to another polling institute, Skop, they only have between one and two percent. And even that isn't so bad. After all, they've only been in national politics for a forthnight.

So what to make of all this? Well, the June-list will continue to generate interest in the media. Their programme and their candidates will now be the subject of some serious scrutiny. That's a risk as well as an opportunity. The June-list is now a player in Swedish politics and congratulations are in order.

But what of the Green Party? Have we been struck hard by the rise of the June-List?

Well... according to Skop that is not so. The Greens has even had a "statistically secure" increase to 5,9% (+2,1%) nationally. If this is true, that is a very good result. But then again, according to SIFO we've had a "statistically secure" drop down to 4,3% (-1,8%). Not so good. Considering our recent, high profile struggle for the rights of asylum seekers, it's actually quite bad. The thruth however, is likely to be somewhere in between.

But polls are just polls. The only one that matters is the big one next September.