Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scandinavian model must comply with EU rules, says McCreevy

Once more, we return to the Vaxholm conflict. The Commission seems to have made up their minds and they're not backing down. What they don't realise is the effect this conflict is having in the Swedish labour movement. This is one of those rare things that is actually changing peoples minds.

If the Commission wins, foreign companies won't have to comply with the rules on the Swedish labour market. Many people, especially in the Stockholm area, are likely to get a painful reduction in pay. Sweden will be forced to introduce legislation on a minimum wage, something the Swedish labour movement always have been against. (With good reason: Wages should be set by negotiations between the workers and employers, not by legislation from the state.)

And all this because of a ruling in a foreign court...

This is not what the labour movement signed up to when they agreed to join the EU.